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Functional Skills English


Functional Skills English gives students practical skills for the modern world and helps them get the most from life, learning and work.

Functional Skills English

Course content:

The qualification aims to ensure students have good communication skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. It assesses whether students can use these skills in everyday situations. English Functional Skills qualifications are designed to equip learners with skills such as comparing the ideas and presentation of texts, writing for a specified audience and purpose, and communicating and adapting language. They are assessed in three units (Speaking, Listening and Communication; Reading; and Writing) through a choice of paper-based or onscreen, on-demand tests.


Entry Requirements:

There are no specific entry requirements for this qualification.


Method of assessment:

Online Examination

Paper-based Examination

Presentation for Speaking & Listening


Duration of course

Up to 10 weeks depending on level.


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