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Functional Skills Maths


This document sets out the qualification and assessment specifications for City & Guilds’ Functional Skills Mathematics qualifications. These are derived from the Ofqual-published Functional Skills Mathematics Subject Criteria. This document also provides guidance for tutors and assessors on preparing candidates for assessment in the component of Functional Skills Mathematics, and information about each of the following assessment delivery mechanisms: Entry level (internal) task-based assessments and Level 1-2 (external) practical tasks assessments.

Functional Skills Maths

Course content:

Context involving money and/or time

  • Understand and use whole numbers and understand negative numbers in practical contexts
  • Add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers using a range of strategies
  • Understand and use equivalences between common fractions, decimals and percentages


Context involving measure, shape and space

  • Add and subtract decimal places
  • Solve problems involving ratio, where one number is a multiple of the other
  • Use simple formulae expressed in words for 1 or 2 –step operation
    Solve problems requiring calculation, with common measures including money, time, length, weight, capacity and temperature


Context involving statistics

  • Convert units or measure in the same system
  • Work out areas and perimeters in practical situations
    Construct geometric diagrams, models and shapes
  • Extract and interpret information from tables, diagrams, charts, graphs
    Collect and record discreet data and organise and represent information in different ways
  • Find mean and range
  • Use data to assess the likelihood of an outcome


Entry Requirements:

There are no specific requirements necessary for this course.


Method of assessment:

All skills are assessed. Specifications are developed to ensure sufficient coverage of the criteria and consistency/reliability of assessments over time. At Level 1 & 2 all assessments are externally set by City & Guilds; they are also externally marked by City & Guilds.



City & Guilds Functional Mathematics Level 1


Duration of course

Up to 30 Hours


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