Millennium Academy

Mandatory &
Refresher Courses

The Health and Social Care Sector can comprise of working with some of the most challenging sector groups. Whether you are new to Social Care or an experienced worker, training is an essential part of our recruitment practice. We cover all levels of training for NVQ’s and Diploma’s in Care.

Millennium 24/7 has a responsibility and a mandatory obligation to ensure that all candidates are trained to give a high quality and safe service to our clients and their service users at all times. As the nature of agency work is so diverse in terms of assignments, we want to ensure we equip you with the right training that will qualify you to carry out your work to the best of your ability. Millennium 247 offers Health and Social Care training to new staff looking to work and existing staff who require refreshers.

Benefits of attending our Mandatory & Refresher Training Course:

  • Helpful for candidates who are new to care or looking to pursue a new career
  • Induction Mandatory training is available, and is heavily discounted for
    specialist training
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Training certificates are valid up to three years
  • You will receive a certificate after the completion of a course
  • All of the training courses are standalone qualifications recognised in
    the Social Care Sector
  • Builds your confidence, skills and knowledge

Mandatory & Refresher Training Courses

Mandatory training courses are delivered in accordance with the common induction standards for Skills for Care. The requirements are based upon the responsibility for Social Care staff to work in a safe manner. The training modules in the Mandatory Training Course are appropriate in depth to the level of understanding needed. Mandatory courses are aimed to provide training for those who want to work in the Health and Social Care sector, and providing refresher courses for those who require Continuous Professional Development or refresher.

These courses are aimed for candidates who want to develop their skills and knowledge that is required in the Health and Social Care sector. Many of the Social Care training courses have been specifically designed to include information and knowledge to assist with underpinning knowledge for NVQs in Health and Social Care and always reflect current practice. We provide all the mandatory and short course training you need to meet the Common Induction Standards.